About us
Well, let’s start out by who we are not. We are not expert forex traders nor do we claim to be be. You will not see any articles about the intricacies of forex trading on this site written by us. We will try to provide you with some interesting and informative articles written by others we believe to truly be experts on the subject.
What we are, we believe, are experts in the field of online forex brokers. How can we claim to be experts in this area? Because we believe we have done as much or more research into the subject as anyone. I think you can see that just by the sheer number of online forex brokers represented on this site. We are not done yet. In fact in many ways we have just begun. Our goal is to be THE PLACE where individual traders the world over go to get the information they need on forex brokers to make the important decision as to which broker they will use. We intend to meet that goal.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy in business is that you must offer your customers value in order to retain customer loyalty and be successful. The philosphy for this website is no different. The value we intend to offer you, which we believe is difficult if not impossible to find elsewhere on the Internet, is a completely unbiased view and real and truthful data about the myriad of online forex brokers available to individual trader worldwide.
This unbiased approach is something we think about daily and truly believe is the key to making this website a success. While we have already received pressure from some of the forex brokers detailed in our web pages to change that approach and undoubtedly will receive more, we can guarantee you that we will not succumb to that pressure.



Why We Are Different

Mostly we are different because, as stated above, we will strive to continue to be unbiased and independent which sets us apart from 90 to 95% of the other sites out there who review online forex brokers. Actually that is where the idea for this website came from. I was interested in learning about forex trading and was looking for a forex broker for myself. Being a person who is careful about risking my hard earned money, which broker I trusted to place a deposit with was an important decision for me and I became extemely frustrated from the lack of reliable information on the subject on the Internet.
Having had some experience in the Internet marketing arena, it was not difficult to see which sites were purely marketing sites, which as I stated earlier, was a vast majority of them. There are a handful of sites, yes I think I could count them on one hand, which I do believe retain a certain amount of independence from the brokers. These are the sites we perceive as our true competitors and we plan to outperform. One thing that already sets us apart from our true competitors already is that we believe we are the only one that concentrates solely on brokers.